Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Act One:  The Beginning:

Once upon on time, there lived a little girl who dreamed big dreams.  I mean these dreams were really huge.  So huge, in fact, that by the time the little girl grew up only a smidgen of them remained.  The forgotten ones had all been swallowed up by time.

Time is a funny thing.  It’s so funny, that if Father Time were an actor he would never want for a staring role in a comedy.  Being funny is inherent to his nature.  For example:  He has a silly way of enticing young people to wish it away as if it were an endless commodity and middle-aged people to throw it away as if it were yesterday’s trash.  Then he really turns up the laugh factor for those who enter the golden years.  Let’s face it, when you have more time to reflect back on your life than to dream forward, you find all kinds of irony to laugh at.  However, Father Time has an archenemy, and her name is, Tragedy.

If Tragedy were an actress she would need no talented make-up artist to transform her into the hideous silent killer of dreams that she is.  For being repulsive, dreadful and shocking is inherent to her nature.  It’s what keeps her alive.  But, there’s one thing she fails to understand in her passion for obstruction; humans, too, have an inherent nature.  They are born with the ability to overcome.

That’s why when Tragedy showed her ugly face and brought deafness to a young man at the age of 26, who had dreams of composing beautiful music, he defeated her and became one of the most influential composers the world has ever know.  For more than 200 years! 

There are stories after stories of people prevailing over what Father Time and Tragedy throw at them.  Perhaps, they, too, viewed them as a character in a story.  And, as with any good story, there has to be a protagonist and antagonist in order for victory to prevail. 

Next time, at Efi Loo Publishing, find out how our little girl with big dreams faced Tragedy head on and became a dream chaser in; Act Two:  The Struggle.

Dream big,

Team, Efi Loo